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seriously...im smelling it!!!!!

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In 2nd grade we had to come up with fictional companies. So I came up with UFO Hunters.

Gina and Daniella were confused about the assignment. So Gina said "see you just make something up". While Daniella was like "nah-uh theres actually a government agency that handles this."

Ironically during my anti-cooties phase is when I had the most casual contact w girls. Not as angels, but just peers

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I think it was in 2nd grade that Alicia touched me and told me now I have cooties and I have 2 give it to someone else. I was not familiar with cooties at the time, nor did I realize the boy-girl nature of its transmission. But it very much fit into my worldview of the He-Man's woman's haters club. Boys against Girls. Girls go 2 jupiter 2 get more stupider. The childish origins of my Volceldom.

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2nd grade David invited me to his birthday party arcade. He invited the entire class. His mom showed up at our door. IT was SO EASY to invite kids in K-6, we had class lists with our phone numbers and addresses. But that was the ONLY party I was ever invited to K-12. Or in life really. I mean my suite mates took me to ONE college party. and thats it FOREVER. God I'm so ostracized. Forever. No one

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There was an incident probably summer of 2nd grade. When I was at summer camp. And I was drowning in the pool. And this boy saved me.

I did the old act, of being mean to the one you secretly like. Since I was grateful, but didn't know how to show it. So I started pantsing him. He threatened to report me. So I said u can do it back to me. He pulled my shorts way down. Was laffing "I saw butt"

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I was listening to this on the radio after coming back from my exam. This song is the story of my life. Except for the part about smoking joints with friends and having a kid. But the part about being 7 years old and having mama tell me I better make friends or I'll be lonely. Or being told get a wife or you'll be lonely. Cuz being lonely at 7/11 made me friendless 4 life. 7 years old. It made it

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should I use numbers 2?